As a healthcare worker, I believe that comfort is key, feeling great in what you wear matter, but how you feel in the scrubs matter most! Apotia scrubs takes you beyond your comfort zone!! It exposes you!! It protects you… while you care for others, but more importantly it lets you care beyond the four walls of your hospitals/clinics!! Apotia Scrubs was born with a giving heart… a caring heart. Understanding that the world is so vast and encompasses so many people that lack bare necessities, it became even more important to me to give other healthcare workers an opportunity to impact their world in ways that they understand. Giving them an opportunity to be comfortable at work, but know that the scrubs they are wearing while helping a patient here, is also helping another patient in a different part of the world. We all went into healthcare because we care… why not let your scrubs show it more!!

How Your Purchase Will Help!

  • A pair of scrubs = 2 weeks’ worth of anti-hypertensive
  • A Pair of Scrubs = 1 free check up
  • A pair of Scrubs = 2 weeks of pain relief